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Relationships and Sexuality Education

Article 2 "Your right to equality and non-discrimination."

Article 6 "Your right to grow up and be healthy."

Article 13 "Your right to have information."

Article 34 "Your right to be protected from abuse."


Relationships and Sexuality Education will be mandatory from 2022 and is considered as part of the Health and Well-Being Area of learning, as well as being a cross cutting theme across all learning.  



Personal Development, Relationships

and Sexuality Education


"Growing Up"


The schools in the North Gower Partnership are participating in the Swansea Bay Healthy Schools and as part of the work we will be teaching Sexuality and Relationships Education.



Throughout our lessons we will be using the correct terminology for body parts  ie. penis, testicles, breasts and vagina.


Relationships and Sexuality Education will be introduced to the pupils through:

· Circle time activities

· ‘Growing Up’ resources

· ABM Personal Development and Healthy  relationships lessons

· Story books

· Curriculum subjects, e.g. Science, RE

· Personal and Social Education programmes

· Informally as opportunities arise in the classroom.

Click here to the latest information leaflet sent out to parents. This has been designed by the NGP cluster.