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Research Reflections

What worked well...

Developing Welsh oracy in Llanrhidian primary school was achieved through a multifaceted approach involving a whole school strategy, purposeful training, resource development, stakeholder engagement, and authentic experiences.


A whole school approach integrates Welsh language use into all aspects of school life, promoting consistency and collaboration among staff and pupils. This collective responsibility enhances the overall language environment, encouraging continuous practice and normalisation of Welsh.


Purposeful staff and pupil training is crucial. Focused programs for staff improve teaching methods and cultural awareness, while training pupils, particularly in leadership roles, empowers them to take ownership of their learning and support peers, boosting confidence and engagement.


Developing resources tailored to the school’s context ensures relevance and practicality. Involving teachers in this process increases the usability and effectiveness of these materials, fostering a more supportive and engaging learning environment.


Including a range of stakeholders—such as staff, pupils, and the community—creates a broad support network that reinforces the importance of Welsh oracy. Community engagement extends language use beyond the school, making it more immersive and meaningful for students.


Using authentic experiences like Caffi Cynefin and Llan WoW provides pupils with real-life contexts to practice Welsh. These activities make language learning relevant and enjoyable, deepening students’ cultural connections and enhancing motivation.


To ensure long-term success, regular monitoring and evaluation are essential for continuous improvement. Celebrating achievements maintains enthusiasm, while sustainability planning secures ongoing support and integration of these initiatives into the school culture. Combining these strategies creates a vibrant and effective program for developing Welsh oracy in primary school pupils.


The project to develop Welsh oracy in a primary school faces several significant challenges that required careful navigation and strategic planning.

Firstly, time constraints posed a hurdle due to the need to balance Welsh oracy initiatives with existing curriculum demands. Finding adequate time for language practice and training amidst other academic priorities proved challenging for both teachers and pupils. Sustaining efforts over the long term was particularly demanding, requiring ongoing dedication and support to maintain momentum and effectiveness.

Secondly, financial limitations presented obstacles, especially in developing resources and organizing cultural activities like Caffi Cynefin and Llan WoW. Securing funding for these initiatives, which are essential for providing authentic language experiences and enhancing cultural engagement, required creative solutions and resourceful budgeting.

Maintaining cultural continuity was another critical challenge. Ensuring that pupils remained engaged with Welsh culture and language beyond initial enthusiasm required consistent effort. This involved designing activities and experiences that were both educational and enjoyable, thereby fostering a genuine connection to the language.

Lastly, ensuring consistency across the school posed challenges in terms of uniform implementation. Variability in teacher enthusiasm and expertise could lead to inconsistencies in teaching quality and language reinforcement across different Pods. Overcoming these challenges necessitated robust training programs, ongoing support for staff and strategies.

Addressing these challenges involved strategic planning, effective resource management, ongoing stakeholder engagement, and a commitment to continuous improvement. By navigating these obstacles thoughtfully, the project aimed to create a sustainable framework for developing Welsh oracy that could thrive within Llanrhidian Primary School.

Peer Support...


At Llanrhidian Primary School, senior leaders, staff, pupils, and Athrawes Bro (Welsh language support officers) collaborate closely to nurture Welsh oracy skills. Teachers and Athrawes Bro work together to design authentic learning experiences and provide targeted language support. Pupils actively participate in Welsh language activities, supported by both staff and Athrawes Bro, who offer encouragement and constructive feedback. This collaborative effort ensures a supportive learning environment where everyone plays a crucial role in developing confidence and proficiency in Welsh oracy among students at Llanrhidian Primary School.

Next Steps...

To sustain enthusiasm for Welsh and further develop language skills beyond the classroom, Llanrhidian Primary School need to continue to think of creative, innovative and authentic learning experiences that encourage Welsh.  These creative approaches foster a sense of pride in Welsh culture and language, ensuring continued growth and engagement within the broader community of Llanrhidian.