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RVE (Religion, Values and Ethics)

In the context of RVE, spiritual development is concerned with our natural ability to look for, express and understand what is important in life, and to question who we are and why we are here. Spiritual development may or may not involve religion. Through experiencing and reflecting on our relationships, spiritual development may be apparent in the following: awareness of self in relation to others; connections to the wider and the natural world (and, for some people, to a higher power or ultimate reality); creativity and going beyond the everyday; exploration of ultimate questions and contemplation of meaning and purpose.



Meeting with pupils on 27 January 2022

  • What do you like about Big Questions?
    • Sometimes they are challenging and sometimes they are easy.
    • Sometimes the questions are tricky to answer.
    • I like that they connect to each other, ‘Should kids be allowed on social media’ Should kids be allowed on phones?’
    • A good time to discuss and share their ideas.
    • It gets your brain going.
    • I find them helpful to get your brain started.
    • Good way to share your ideas.
  • What could we do to make them even better?
    • Have a vote for the Big Question or the theme.
    • Make the questions fun.
    • Change the type of questions.
    • What would you ask?
    • Can we come up with a Big question?
    • Big questions related to our topic.
  • What do you think of the Big Questions in the Home Learning Journal?
    • Different Big Questions and we already have an answer for them.
    • We can talk to our parents about them.
    • Big Questions related to our topic.