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L.O: To use basic knowledge of etymology to understand new words

Etymology - Danny Weinkauf - Songs for Children

Words that will help us be successful today...

- Etymology

- Infer/Inference 

What do they mean? Beth wyt ti'n meddwl?

Which text will be looking at today?



'Skellig' by David Almond





Pwy ydy awdur?

Beth ydy'r teitl?

What do you notice about the front cover?

What predictions do you have about the book?


Let's look at some words from the text. Looking at the meaning of words can give us clues about what they mean. 


Words from the text:

- demolition

- quay 

- sagging 





L.O: To make predictions and inferences based on evidence given



Turn to your partner: What was your first prediction? (hint: look at your cold task card).


Does the blurb change anything for you?

Task: Let's use our double page spread skills to use a range of strategies to help us predict and infer!