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Croeso i School Council 2023-2024

Dyma School Council


1. Launch competition to remind parents to turn engine off.

2. Design new right of the month poster for each pod. 

3. Think about how 'Pod Dysgu' can be used in the hall. 

Meeting 28.11.23

- Drop off sign's have been used, however they are not used daily as they need fixing to poles as they are heavy

- Discussed rights of the month poster, decided we also need a value of the month poster. Sent to Mrs Caswell to be made into boards. 

- Pod representatives to be in charge of making sure they are changed monthly. 

- Pod representatives to hold 'pod meetings' before January to gather views of pupils in the pod. 



Meeting 24.10.23

- Agreed shortlist for competition - Mrs Caswell to select a winner

- EJ: Raised that sensory circuit equipment needs redistributing. BA to see Pod Pysgodyn.

- MC: Ideas for CIN; current ideas - sponsored silence, cold bath, things on the field. After half term pods need to decide how to raise money. 

- BA: Raised IQ title - make the most of every minute by printed titles coloured in already. SA to discuss with MD.

- Designed new UNCRC poster for each workshop:

- Kanga

- Right of the month (in English and Welsh)

- Llanrhidian Logo

- Pod logo's in the corners 


Meeting 5.10.23

- UNCRC Article 36: The right to be safe and not harmed!

Pupils launched competition to design Mrs Caswell a 'lollipop' for drop off to remind drivers to turn their engines off. 

Croeso i School Council 2022!

The Team!

Meeting 21.11.22

  • Decision to focus on pupil feedback of Home Learning (form to be created in next meeting)
  • Pupils to launch a School Council Blog/Video - pupils to take ownership to create.

Look our for our lovely PryCop children on our curriculum design day (October 24th). They will be coming to chat to oyou about our wonderful school and to gather your ideas for 'What next for Llanrhidian!' 

The elections have begun and candidates have been chosen! We are super excited to be working on our school development with the pupils, staff, governors and parents. 

Our recent elections... everyone did an excellent job!


Job Description

  • To ensure the children of Llanrhidian are getting their rights
  • To listen to the views of other children
  • To make the school a better place by gathering the views of others
  • To meet weekly
  • To feedback outcomes of meeting to staff and pupils
  • To meet with the head teacher and negotiate change

Interviewing the Deputy Head Candiadates 12.5.2022

School Council 2021-22

School Council Meeting 14.3.2022

School Council Minutes 14.3.2022

  • Pod Pry Cop fed back to the school council their responses to the questionnaire. 
  • Their responses were that they enjoyed eating in their workshops because they can sit by their friends, it's peaceful and quiet. 
  • They thought playtime could be improved by having some more play equipment but they  thought lunch playtime was long enough. 
  • Pod Pengwin are unable to have smaller knives and forks, as only one size of cutlery is available all schools. 

School Council Meeting 7.3.2022

      School Council Meeting 7.3.2022

The School Council discussed the responses to their  school dinners questionnaire.

Some of the responses were -


  • Can we eat outside when its sunny?
  • Can Pod Pengwin have smaller knives and forks? 
  • Can the whole school play together?
  • Can Pod Pengwin play in the big yard? 
  • All the children seem to enjoy eating in their workshops as it is quieter and they can sit with their friends.
  • Pod Pry-Cop to feed back at the next meeting. 



   School Council Meeting 14.2.2022

Pod Pengwin and Pod Pysgodyn feed back to the meeting their responses to the questionnaire.

Pod Pry Cop to feed back at the next meeting.  

School Council Meeting 7.2.2022

The School Council created their questionnaire and are going to ask their friends before the next meeting.  


School Council Questionnaire

School Council Meeting 31.1.2022

The School Council discussed our school dinners. 

The council decided to create a questionnaire and share with their friends in their pods. 

School Council Meeting 3/12/2021

Minutes of meeting 3/12/2021

  • Mrs Morgan welcomed all the council members to the meeting
  • The council discussed school dinners and lunch time play
  • They decided to put a questionnaire together to find out the views of their friends
  • Mrs Morgan agreed to type up the questionnaire
  • Next meeting - 10/12/2021

Our School Council Candidates for 2021

Still image for this video

Our School Council Candidates for 2021

Autumn 2021

Our School Council Elections will be held on October 12th 2021. 

Every year each pod elect representatives to sit on the school council.  Every child has the opportunity to create a campaign poster, or Flipgrid, clearly stating why they should be voted for.  They will also present their ideas of how they will improve the school to their pod before the all important vote.



School Council Meeting 6th July 2021

July 6th 2021 

The School Council discussed their latest mission, to plan a 'Haf O Hwyl' activity (Summer of Fun).  . 



22/01/2021 What is important to you? We talked about what is important us. We drew around our hands and listed them in our fingers.

22/01/2021 Our Right to Relax and Play (Article 31). What do you like to do to relax and play?

15th January 2021 -

School Council to meet with Mrs Morgan and Mrs Caswell via teams. 


22nd January 2021 - 

School Council to meet with Mrs Morgan and Chair of Governors, Jane Houston via teams.

Our new School Council 2020-2021

Thank you to our School Council representatives for all your hard work this year.

You have all been amazing!

July 2020

Super Ambassadors survey from The Children's Commissioner for Wales.









People who can make a difference to your life want to hear from you about how life has been over the last few weeks. Sally Holland, the Children's Commissioner, is one of those people. 
She wants to know about any worries you have, how you've been spending your time, and also about the things that have made you happy. 
Sally has been working with the Welsh Government, to make sure that they hear and listen to what you have to say. Sally wants to make sure they are doing their best for all children and young people in Wales. It will also help them to make sure that they are giving you the information and support you need to feel as happy as possible during this time and afterwards. 
The survey should take you around 15 minutes.  

Please share your views by following this link:







                        Rights of the Month Challenge

July 2020


The Right of the month for July is Article 6, The Right to life and be Healthy. I have found a lovely website that has some ideas that tells you about food facts, gives you recipes to make healthy meals and activities to keep you fit. ( 

The recipes include ideas for healthier lunchboxes that you might like to try while you are at home and then use them in  September! ( 

Click on the activities link and it gives you ideas on how to keep fit while you are at home and tells you why keeping fit helps us(

 Hope you enjoy the activities and let me know how you get on with the recipes and the activities. 

Mrs Morgan


                     Rights of the Month Challenge

       June 2020

The Right of the Month for June is Article 31, The Right to Relax and Play.

Since we have been at home it has been very strange that we have been  unable to see some of our family, to play with our friends and other activities we normally do. It is still important to find the time to relax and play while we are at home. How have you done this? It would be lovely if you could show us, video, drawing, photographs or any way that you would like to! Send in via email or twitter?


Below are some pictures of how I have made sure I have relaxed. 

I have enjoyed baking and have done lots of cooking. I have had a few bike rides and found lots of new running routes. I have found sewing very relaxing and have made a quilt. I have even taken up a new hobby, knitting! 




                 Rights of the Month Challenge

May 2020


To a good standard of Living (Article 27)

I have looked at my standard of living and decided what I am thankful for and what I enjoy doing.

I have used my name to create an Acrostic poem, where the first letter forms a word.

I have illustrated it with pictures and photos but you can decorate it how you would like. You can write a few sentences to explain your poem. 


April 2020 

To good food and water and to see a doctor if you are ill (Article 24)

Can you represent this month's right through a video, poem, poster, animation or letter! 

Send in via email or twitter. 



3rd March 2020

Some of the games we thought of are

  • Uno
  • cribbage
  • knock out wist
  • scrabble
  • rummy
  • chess
  • domino's
  • 21
  • snakes and ladders
  • top trumps
  • snap
  • kerplunk
  • connect  4
  • Simon says
  • go fish 
  • dobble

Next steps we are going to ask Mrs Caswell to our next meeting to discuss our ideas with her.


25th February 2020

The School Council looked again at the Children's Commissioner for Wales website and looked at the special mission. They decided that as a school they did not want to form a new group, as they felt that Pupil Voice is very strong in school. They looked at  their local community and how they could help  certain groups with in the community.They  decided that they would like to organize  an afternoon tea party where they can play games and talk to the the older generation. They are going to put together a list of games that they can play. They would like to invite the Women's Institute, residents from Burrows Hall, The Open the Book Group and members of the local church. 

 11th February 2020


Our next mission has arrived!!! We looked at our special mission and started to think about what we could do. We are going to look at the website before the next meeting and write down our ideas.  


We meet on a Tuesday morning during assembly. Here is a record of our meetings.



28th January 2020

We took photo's of the second hand uniform and of Pod Pengwin for the website.


21st January 2020

We went outside and took photos of the school council members in their pods and put them onto our webpage. Hope you like them!!!

14th January 2020

Discussing are new school website and what to put on our school council website page - 

pictures of our training

photos of the school council members in pod groups

Put information up about Super Ambassadors and our Special  missions

Posters for Second hand uniform











The School Council are members of the Super Ambassadors Scheme which is run by Sally Holland, The Children's Commissioner for Wales and her team. Super Ambassadors is a scheme that aims to promote children's rights and the  United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in schools (UNCRC). We carry out a special mission every term Click on the link below which will take you to the Super Ambassadors page.    

Our special mission last term was to look at ways of re-using school uniform. 

Click on the link below to find out more about it.


Our first mission of the year. We looked at ways to advertise our second hand school uniform rail. We created posters and put them up around school.

11.2.2020 Checking out our next mission!!!

28th January 2020 The School Council met on Tuesday morning during assembly.

Rights Respecting Training December 2019

School Council members 2019-2020