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Sci & Tech

Hook - Let's get motivated to learn!!

I wonder, how old are some of the trees on our ground? I wonder, how do we calculate this?

Mini Investigation One...

  • Measure around the trunk of the tree (about 1m up from the ground)
  • Measure to the nearest cm
  • Divide the measurement by 2.5 - why 2.5? Well, on average, a tree increases it's width by 2.5cm every year. This changes depending on the species of the tree, but can be used as a rough guide.
  • e.g. If a tree measured 50cm... 50 ÷ 2.5 = 20; so the tree would be roughly 20 years old.

Think! If we remove the resource of the measuring tape, how will you do this? Hint: You will need to work together!!


Authenticity - Why do we need to learn about this?

Trees and plants are the longest surviving species on earth. They give us a link between our past present and future. So... we need to look after them, but how do they ensure their own survival? (Click the image for more info!),distance%20from%20the%20parent%20plant.



Knowledge - What do we need to know about this?

  1. Why have plant's adapted to disperse their seeds?
  2. Can you find what the 5 main ways that seed's disperse their seeds? You may wish to include diagrams to support your research and findings. 
  3. Include examples of plants that disperse their seeds in each way. 


Helpful place to start... 





Mini Investigation Two


Today, we will be carrying out an investigation about wind dispersal. This method relies on physics to get the seed to the ground.


Let's see how much you already know... 

Task: You have been given a piece of paper. When you let go it will eventually reach the floor. How can you make that piece of paper reach the floor quicker? Work together to find the answer...


I wonder, can you explain the science behind the drop?


The Four Forces | How Things Fly (





I wonder, what is happening in this video?

Still image for this video