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Hook - Let's get motivated!



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Poor Alice only wants a cup of tea! But the Mad Hatter has no idea! He has put an awful lot of sugar in her tea but some is left at the bottom!

Why doesn't all the sugar dissolve?

What temperature do we need?

Do all substance dissolve as well as sugar?

How can we test our ideas?

Authenticity - Why are we doing this?

Read the text below, what key words can you spot?

Knowledge - What do we need to know?


Follow these steps to research your key words.

1. Go to Hwb and open Britannica Digital Learning.

2. Click on either; 
Foundation - Green Chilli

Intermediate - Orange Chilli

Advanced - Red Chilli.

3. On the top of the webpage click search and type in your key word.

Application - Let's Get to Work!