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Hook - Let's get motivated to learn!


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Authenticity - Why are we doing this?


Why is it so important that we keep developing our science and technology skills?

Why is it so important that we keep developing these skills?

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Knowledge - What do we need to know?


I wonder...

What does waterproof mean?

What does absorbent mean?

Materials That Absorb Water

Application - Let's Get to Work!


You are going to discuss and write-up a science investigation that records the data about which material is best for Her Royal Highness to use for her shelter at her Platinum Jubilee Event. 



Which materials do you think are best for making something waterproof?

Natural materials, such as wool and wood, come from living things or the ground.

Synthetic materials, like plastic and rubber, which are made from chemicals.


Why is it best to make a shelter waterproof instead of absorbent?