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Screening assessments

1.WellComm Speech and language.


To discover a child's expressive and receptive language level,all Nursery children complete activities using this screening tool. If there are areas of speech development that require extra support, the Pod teacher & staff carry out intervention activities with the whole class, small groups or individual children.


All Reception pupils' understanding of language is screened using this tool. If pupils are identified as having difficulties in specific areas then support is carried out through intervention activities by Pod staff.

There is also a screening tool for pupils from Year 3 onwards. Pupils who have been identified by staff or parents as having difficulties in their understanding

of language are assessed using this tool and intervention strategies are delivered through small group and individual activities. 



Speechlink is a tool used to assess a pupils expressive language. If this screening tool identifies pupils with a speech sound difficulty then intervention strategies relating to that sound are delivered by school staff.

4.Rapid Dyslexia Screener.


Rapid Dyslexia Screening is computer-based system for identification of dyslexia between the ages of 4 to 15 years. It is swift and easy to administer, taking only 15 minutes. All pupils from Year 3 -Year 6 will complete this screener as part of the schools literacy assessment tools. Support and intervention for identified areas of need will be carried out by school staff.