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For this task, you will need a two page spread.

L.O: To include some appropriate adjective and noun phrases to add interest for the reader.

L.O: To adapt writing style, using different phrases to suit the audience and purpose.


Dyma Owliver Twist...


Question Time... Let's Discuss!!

What do you notice about Owliver?

Why are there no leaves in the trees?

What are the stars there for?

Who does Owliver have power over?

Is he good or evil?

What powers do you think he has?



Vocabulary Magpie!!


To the side of your chosen chilli - make a list of words you would like to magpie from the text! Make sure you know what they mean... you may need to use a dictionary! You have 10 minutes!



How do we improve our sentences? Beth wyt ti'n meddwl?

Sick Sentences!!


The owl sat in the tree.

Smoke came from his pipe.

He wore a hat on his head.

The stars shone in the sky.

Clouds filled the air.


Think you know your sentences?! Let's see...



Re - write the sentence, add an appropriate adjective to improve the sentence!

Re - write the sentence once using 2A's to improve the sentence!

Re -write the sentence twice, the first time, write it as a 2A sentence, the second write it with a verb opener. 

Using the three sentences below, create a short paragraph. You will need to add additional sentences. Your paragraph must include:

- At least one 2A sentence

- At least one sentence starting with a verb

- At least one sentence starting with an emotion word.


Want an even bigger challenge?? Open the document below and have a look at other ways that you can improve your sick sentences... have a go!!











Not sure what they mean?! Use a dictionary!

Used that word already?! Use a thesaurus!!


Quick, Guided Write!

Secret Focus: Pace!


Job 1...

APK: What did we learn yesterday?


Job 2... 

Does your work need any purple penning?!