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L.O: To use talk to plan writing

L.O: To explore different ways to plan writing. 


I wonder, what does the poppy mean to you?



Let's find out more! (Click poppy!)


What do you think this film is about?


Let's plan and visualise our writing! What can we include in our writing to make it even better?


Task: Let's use a spider diagram to plan our thinking.


Around the image, write ideas about what memories the man might have.


 Think about your 5 senses (sight, smells, tastes, touch, sounds)


Think about your 5 senses and thoughts that might have been going through his head during that time.


Think about your 5 senses, thoughts and also emotions he might be feeling whilst playing piano and also during the war. 




How do we make our plans turn into a well written piece?











L.O: To make simple, exciting additions to writing.

L.O: To write showing thoughts, feelings, respect and empathy.

Which super sentences did we learn about yesterday?





Today we will be writing three paragraphs using your ideas from yesterday!


Paragraph 1: The piano and the memories start to come back (setting the scene)


Paragraph 2: The battlefield


Paragraph 3: Back to the piano


Use the pictures and sentence guide to add vocabulary.

Use the WAGOLL and super sentence mat to magpie ideas!

To use your own ideas and the super sentence mat to magpie ideas!

Wyt ti wedi gorffen?


Show how the pianists Grandson felt about his Grandfather. Present this how you wish.


Create a film

Create a 'thank you' card

Write a letter