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Session 1

 L.O: To understand information on unfamiliar topic

 L.O: To make basic notes 

 L.O: To make notes whilst listening 


Let's 'Activate our Prior Knowledge'... Talk to your partner!



What was life like as an evacuee?

Beth wyt ti'n meddwl?



Today you will need a double page spread!


Pamela's Story...

Let's listen together and see what we can learn.

Task time: 20 minutes


Only make notes on facts! Some information is only relevant to Pamela. Try to make notes on things that would have been true for all children evacuated. 

Firstly let's get:






Then we can use bullet points to make appropriate notes!

An evacuee tells her story

Task 2!


 L.O: To respond after listening and show understanding 

 L.O: To make interpret and infer what has been listened to



Today as you are working, you will be invited up to play a vocabulary game on the board! Cofia, to be selected next you must be working hard and managing your learning environment! Pob Lwc! (Click image below)


 - Green Chilli Task:

Stick the image below in your book. Make a 'Spider Diagram' of what the children might:

- see

- hear

- think

- smell



Wyt ti wedi gorffen?

 Give examples of how your life is different to the lift of an evacuee.


 Orange Chilli Task

Reading the page below, make notes about:

- What children might hear, see, feel, smell

- What was the atmosphere like in the train station? (Try to be as descriptive as possible using adjectives)



Wyt ti wedi gorffen?

Summarise what was so difficult about life as an evacuee.  



 Red Chilli Task: 

Reading the page below, make notes about:

- What the children might hear, smell, feel, smell - write these as an author... think about 'show not tell' and 'super sentences'

- Describe the atmosphere in the train station

- Describe how the mother might be feeling in this moment. How might this be different to what she is showing her child?



Wyt ti wedi gorffen?

Rephrase the paragraph above from the mother's point of view. 


Session 2

 L.O: To understand that writing can be for different purposes and audiences.

 L.O: To use my imagination to respond to and adapt literature to create my own work.

 L.O: To use my imagination and experiment with language to create my own literature.

Why do we tell stories?

Beth wyt ti'n meddwl?


Today we will be writing a historical story. These are story that are based on facts but also have elements created by the author (that's you!).


The WAGOLL's you will see are based on Pamela's brother - Ronnie's story. When planning your own story, your can create your own problem or use this as inspiration too! Cofia... even though the rough plot is the same, your stories will be completely different as you will be focusing on vocabulary choices. 

 Using a basic story mountain! Use words and pictures to answer the questions in the boxes.


 Using a full story mountain! Make brief notes in each box.


 Using a story circle! Hmmm, this looks different! How does it work? A story circle is all about the character learning or changing from the event that happens in the story. E.g., A selfish character going through a difficult time making them more kind, grateful or understanding. 





Wyt ti wedi gorffen?

How would you adapt your resolution to create a different ending?