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L.O: To understand information on an unfamiliar topic.

 L.O: To make basic notes.

 L.O: To make notes whilst listening.


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Persuasive Writing - Key Features

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How to Write Persuasively - Facts about Non-Fiction

Persuasive Writing Placemat

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Here is what the UK did to persuade the Olympic bosses to pick them

What persuasive vocabulary or phrases do you hear them use?

Eyes of the world on Wales as the London 2012 Olympic Games begin!

  • The eyes of the world are on Wales today as the country plays host to the first event of the London 2012 Olympic Games.
  • The man in charge of delivering the “greatest show on Earth” yesterday described the Games as a “massive opportunity” for Wales, while First Minister Carwyn Jones said the country was in the “spotlight” of the world.
  • Close to 40,000 people will be at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium to see the Great Britain women’s football team take on New Zealand from 4pm – and millions more across the globe are expected to watch the action on television.
  • He was joined by Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan in speaking of the pride Wales can have in hosting a significant amount of the Olympic football tournament.
  • Mrs Gillan said: “I want the whole country to take this opportunity to showcase everything that’s great about Wales, and ensure a lasting legacy long after the games are over.
  • “We shouldn’t underestimate the fact that out of everywhere they could have picked to host the first event they chose Cardiff,” she said.
  • “It’s going to have loads of people watching all around the world and the organisers obviously felt Cardiff was up to the task.
  • Other cities would have loved to have hosted it so it’s a big deal and a real vote of confidence in Cardiff and in Wales.”
  • “Not many people will remember the last time it took place in the UK and it really is a once-in-a-lifetime event.
  • “It’s wonderful for Wales in particular because it allows us to show the world how capable we are at organising and holding premier events.”
  • Heritage Minister Huw Lewis added: “It is an honour for us to be hosting the first sporting event in the 2012 Games.

What is Paris aiming to do?

2024 Paris Olympic bid: Aiming for responsibility and sustainability in the greenest Games ever

  • Create a plan for why Wales should be chosen to host an Olympic event like in 2012.
  • What persuasive vocabulary are you going to include?
  • What key features are you going to include in your plan?
  • Which resources will help you be successful?
  • What emotive vocabulary will you magpie? 


Wonderful Wales, Wants Olympics!


The Olympics are a once in a lifetime event. Isn’t it time Wales was given a chance on the grandest stage of them all? I think that Wales deserves the chance to host the Olympics and I am about to explain why, so read on to find out more.


Firstly, I believe that this is a massive opportunity for Wales to showcase everything that is great about this nation. Wales has a passion for sport, which is highlighted by the world class venues that we already have that would be able to host Olympic events. There is the Principality Stadium, Arena, the Celtic Manor Resort and the Cardiff City Stadium to name a few. Wales is use to holding major events already at these state of the art venues and this is one of the reasons why I strongly believe that the Olympics would be a success if Wales was given the chance to show the world what it can do.


Overall, I feel that it is time for Wales to be given the chance to put on the greatest show for the world. The people of Wales are a proud community and Cynefin is a strong feeling of belonging and a passion for where you come from. The people of Wales would not let the world down if given the chance and it would be an honour for them to get to share this with the world. For these reasons, I hope you now feel the same way and can see the strengths that Wales, a proud nation, a welcoming nation, would be able to show the world.

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