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L.O: To use talk to plan writing

L.O: To use different planning techniques to plan writing e.g., mind mapping, sequencing



Let's activate our prior knowledge!

What are the key features of information writing?

Beth wyt ti'n meddwl?


Let's create some success criteria!!

Main Task:





Thinking back to our IQ last week on the French Alps where we looked at why do people ski in France? Our end task is to create an information leaflet to tell readers all about the French Alps.


In today’s lesson we will be looking at WAGOLLs, researching facts and planning our leaflet.



Amser Siarad…discuss with your partner…


What information could/should we include in our leaflet?

Refer back to IQ from last week and use the internet to research facts about the French Alps. You can choose how you plan your leaflet, consider using a mind map or perhaps splitting your page into the different sub headings you intend to use within your leaflet.


Click the image of the Alps for more information:







Research - Green Chilli 



Research - Orange and Red Chilli