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L.O. To can identify the purpose of a text.




What are the success criteria of a factfile?

Let's have a look at some WAGOLL's to help us generate our success criteria!

(What A Good One Look's Like)

What features can you see?

Which words would you put in a glossary? Why?


Ga i helpu? Non - Chronological Report Placemat!


Task Time!




Wyt ti wedi gorffen?

1. Create a glossary for your WAGOLL

2. Create captions for an image in your WAGOLL

How would you explain a non - chronological report (fact file) to someone who had never heard of it before?

L.O: To summarise ideas and identify key details

Click on the image to find out more!

Need help with subheadings? Have a look at the ones we came up with earlier. Cofia, your subheadings do not have to be questions... this is up to you!


Who are the Windrush generation?

Who came over in the Windrush and what was it like?

Why are these people known as the Windrush generation?


Feel like a challenge? Try finding the answers to these:

How has Britain changed since the Windrush?

What is life in Britain like today?


Top Tip!! Keep a note of the websites you visit in your morning book. You will need to add these to your fact file at the end.


If you finish your note taking - think about what SDG's link to this topic. You could even consider which rights these people did not have respected.