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Start your Engines!

Start your Engines!

L.O To select materials with purpose. #LlanSci

Flying goggles at the ready, off we go! Miss Blackmore loves planes and has always wondered how they are made. She would love to create her own World War 2 plane, but has no idea which material would be the best material to use. Can you help design and make a plane that can fly 1 meter?


CBeebies: Nina and the Neurons - Aeroplanes

L.O To talk about basic features of simple types of literature. #LlanLit

Miss Walters has really enjoyed watching you bring your 'Make do and Mend' characters to life. Now you have designed your character can you plan your story? Think of the beginning, the problem and the ending. 





Story book problems.


Oh dear what can the matter be?  What problems will  our stories encounter? Can you write the next part of your story? We are so looking  forward to hearing them.

Dydd Santes Dwynwen.

Ionawr 25th 



St Dwynwen (Santes Dwynwen) was a fourth century Welsh princess who lived in what is now the Bannau Brycheiniog (Brecon Beacons) National Park. Dwynwen was rather unlucky in love, so she became a nun. She prayed for true lovers to have better luck than she did. 

Santes Dwynwen - (St Dwynwen) Welsh patron saint of love

#LlanSci to recognise the different body parts required to sustain energetic activity.

Mrs Marchant loves Welsh stories and particularly loves the story of Dwynwen. In the story Dwynwen has her heart broken. What does this mean? How important is the heart? Where is your heart? What does it look like?

LO: To begin to use creative materials safely with guidance and direction within art. #LlanExp

Mrs Rees is so kind and this St Dwynwen's Day she is going to share her knowledge of sewing with you. Using the materials can you create your very own Dydd Santes Dwynwen love heart?


L.O. To sort and classify objects using one criterion.

Phew now that storm has passed we need to check our surroundings to make sure there is no damage. We have noticed that there are lots of leaves, twigs, branches , and flowers on the floor. Can you collect them and sort them into different criteria?  

How could we sort the objects?

Flowers - Not Flowers

Big - Not Big

Green - Not green

Long - Not long


#LlanHum To add relevant opinions after listening to a topic.

Miss Blackmore is drist. Mrs Marcharnt said her Lancaster Bomber was bigger than Miss Blakmore's Hurricane. They are both in the blue zone. Can you find out some interesting facts about Second World War Planes and create your own WW2 Top Trump card showing how it is the best?

Use the video below to help you.

Facts about Planes

Still image for this video

#LlanLit to esgment words into syllables and sounds to help them spell.

This week we will be squiggling words from the 'og' family e.g.log, bog, frog, dog.......    

and from the 'ay'set 2 sounds e.g. say, way, play, may