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L.O: To identify lines of symmetry in a 2D shape

Look at the pattern below. How many lines of symmetry can you see?



What about this one?



10 minute challenge!


Using the Numicon, can you create a shape with one line of symmetry? What about 2? What about 4?

Outdoor Learning Task!

I wonder, what does symmetry look like in our outdoors?

Each group is to take an iPad and take pictures of symmetrical objects outside!

Main Activity! 

Use a mirror to help you!

Gemau ar y cyfridiadur 

Click to play!

Draw a section in your book that is 20 squares by 15 squares. 

Create a symmetrical flag for the Olympics - create a new flag of your own (not the French flag!)

 Your flag must have at least 1 line of symmetry

 Your flag must have at least 2 lines of symmetry

 Your flag must have at least 4 lines of symmetry

End of Session Challenge!