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Topic Launch

Wow what an exciting week we are  having launching our new topic True Colours

L.O. To ask simple questions to obtain information #LlanHum

We have had lots of fun in our launch week. What was your favourite activity? What would you like to find more about?

L.O. To observe changes in our environment #LlanHum

Can you explore the school fields, I wonder what beautiful colours you can discover? Can you collect all the colours of the rainbow to create your own colourful bookmark? You could also use flowers to create a painting. I wonder what else you could find in the school grounds to help you create a colourful masterpiece?

LO:I can talk about how I am feeling #LlanHealth

Meet the Colour Monster! He is feeling all muddled up and doesn't know how he is feeling. Can you help him with his feelings? I wonder how you are feeling today?



The Color Monster