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School Closure 8/03/21

Let's keep going!

 We are continuing our topic - "Who's Planet is it Anyway." 

As you know Y2 will continue to be in school for face to face learning but Y3 will still have their online learning on this page.                            

Assembly Time.



  Don’t forget to start the week by watching Mrs Caswell’s new assembly. 


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Sut wyt ti?
Y3 - Your first job is to check in with Mr Goremano to let time know how you are getting on. (Click on his picture.)
This Week's Topic Work
Hook - Let's get motivated!

Application Video - Why is Earth called The Green Planet.mp4

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Authenticity - Why are we doing this?
Knowledge - What do we need to find out?
Application - Let's get to work!

Language, Literacy and Communication

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Maths and Numeracy

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Science - What do plants need to grow?
Big Question
Red Nose Day

The History of the Red Noses.mp4

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