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Woodlice Woodlice Woodlice

Can you summarise some key facts from these videos?

Woodlice - trying to find a balance | Bristol Nature Channel

The life of a woodlouse is ruled by water. Too much or too little will kill them. Join Heather and find out why woodlice are in a constant battle for surviva...

Facts about Woodlice | Ferne & Rory's Teeny Tiny Creatures | CBeebies

WATCH FULL EPISODES 👉 TO CBEEBIES 👉 and Rory and Rory's son Sandy, take the viewer on a fact fin...

Woodlice For Kids

Let's have a close look at some woodlice, which are related to lobsters, although they live far away from the sea. For more videos about bugs click: https://...


Filmed in my back garden, a population I have intentionally grown on some cherry bark under my own cherry tree. Simply teaming with life, all started by me, ...

Is a woodlouse an insect? | Natural History Museum

Woodlice are a familiar sight, often found in areas such as under rotting wood and leaves. But why are these little roly polies so fond of damp places?Find o...