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Voyage a Teithio

Voyage a Teithio

This week Pod Pengwin are off on their French holidays. We will be visiting some of our favourite parts of the country. 

L.O. To assemble and join materials into meaningful products. #LlanSci
Miss Blackmore has visisted Paris many times and is always in awe of the Eiffel Tower. She is always surprised that it doesn't blow over when it is stormus. Can you create your own Eiffel Tower structure that is strong enough to not blow over in the wind?


Eiffel Tower Construction 1887-1889 Paris Photos

L.O. To choose appropriate words from a list, to complete a short descriptive phase. #LlanLit

Miss Walters would love to travel around France. She doesn't know where she would like go first. Can you make a travel poster for different places in France so she can make her decision?


France tourism.mp4

Still image for this video

LO: I can find the length of an object using non-standard measure.#LlanNum

Using our new measuring skills from last week, can we measure and record sporting objects using our unifix cube measuring sticks ?


How long is a baguette?