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Autumn 3



We are going to be writing our Dyma Fi's.
Click below on the image which will take you to a video of Miss Colwill explaining some ideas you may want to include in your writing.


Here are the pdfs Miss Colwill talks about in the video. 

Science - Burning Candle Investigation

We are going to complete a new science investigation looking into the fire triangle.



Part 1:

Here is a video to launch it.

Is fire our greatest ever discovery?


The Discovery of Fire.mp4

Still image for this video

What is this farmer doing?

Why are they doing it?

Farmer's Field

Still image for this video

Part 2:

Here is an explanation on the fire triangle and why it is such an important skill to understand for the real world.

Fire Triangle Explanation

Still image for this video

Part 3:

Click the fire triangle below to visit a document full of useful websites to help you complete your research.

Part 4:

Here is an overview of the investigation if you not able to complete it in school with us, along with the chilli science planners to support your investigation write-up:

Look at our amazing work!