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Wizard and Wonders

Wizard and Wonders Week 

Get ready for a spooktacular week of magic and enchantment with Wizard and Wonders. Its time to embrace the spooky season and dive into a world of bewitching adventures. 

Are you ready to be spellbound? 

Mrs Gosney makes a bad spell.

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5 Little Ghost Number Song 

LO: To listens to and join in with number stories and rhymes #LlanNum

Five Little Ghosts

Bubbling Witches Cauldron 

LO: Shows curiosity, observes and manipulates objects #LlanSci

Get ready to brew up some magical science with our Witches Bubbling Cauldron science experiment. Are you ready to unleash your inner scientist and create some spellbiding concoctions. 

Lets get brewing!!

Flying Broomstick 

LO: To make simple comparisons when making observations or investigations into forces and energy. #LlanSci

In this magical activity, we'll explore the power of magnets and how they can make objects move without even touching them. Are you ready to cast some magnetic spells and make the witch soar through the sky?

Wizards and Witches Wands 

LO: Begins to use creative materials as shown #LlanExp

Are you ready to tap into your inner wizard or witch and create some magical wands using natural resources from the wild area. Let's explore the beauty of nature while crafting our very own wands using sticks, leaves and other treasures we find in the school grounds. 

Spider Pizzas

LO: Prepares some familiar and unfamiliar foods with support. #LlanHealth 

Let's whip up some spooky and delicious spider pizzas. In this creepy crawly cooking session we'll transform ordinary pizzas into a creepy spider masterpiece. 

Wash you hands and get your cooks hat on as we create this tasty treat. 

Let's get cooking!

The Skeleton Dance