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Wythnos Draenog


What a busy week the Pengwins have had travelling around France! This week, we are going to have a little rest and help to look after some prickly friends.

L.O. To use words and phrases which are generally appropriate to the information that they are expressing. #LlanLit

​​​​​​​Hedgehogs are very interesting creatures. Miss Walters is very keen to find out some information about draenogs and why they look like they do. Can you watch the information video and tell her some facts about Hedgehogs?



Hedgehog Presentation

Still image for this video


Ga i helpwch fi?

LO: To write for different purposes and audiences. #LlanLit

Can we continue to be ECO warriors and help the Hoglets in our school grounds. Click on Hetty the Hedgehog to see what help she needs.



No Mow May.

LO: To communicate using text, image, sound, animation, and video. #LlanLit 

This month we are celebrating all creatures great and small and will be leaving a patch of grass to grow for the whole of May. To help protect the hoglets that live in Llanrhidian grounds we will need to make some signs to warn people that they may be hiding in the long grass or Wild area.  

Hedgehog awareness week