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Meet this year's team!

Our mission is to make everyone in our school enthusiastic about Literacy activities!

Meeting 1


In today's meeting we set our mission for the year. We felt it was important to aim to encourage everyone in the school to love Literacy and be enthusiastic about it! We spent some time looking at our books and reflecting on things that are going well and things which could be improved. This is the list we came up with.


Things which are going well ...

- Instruction writing

- Creating stories

- Greek Gods writing

- Animation

- Reading band books

- Story maps

- Illustrating stories and doing diagrams

- Improving a prepared text

- Acting and script writing

- Flip grid for filming


Things to Improve

- Free choice to write creative stories

- More filming, movie-making, acting, speaking and making news-reports

- More opportunities to present information to the class

- More shows

- More animation

- Re-organise class reading books