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Welcome to the #LlanLitLeaders pupil voice page.

The #LlanLitLeaders are...




Key Dates for Autumn Term are...

October 2023 - Black History Month

5th October - National Poetry Day

23rd-27th October - Wizard and Wonders Week (Poetry)

November 2023 - Non-Fiction Novemeber 


This year our children are going to be launching themselves into a love of reading, writing, and using their immagination. 

#LlanLitLeaders 2021-2022

Autumn Update

#LlanLitLeaders have had a very busy term monitoring all the learning that has been going on in our Pods! We are all very impressed with the different types of Literacy that we have been seeing. 

Pupils in PryCop have been enjoying a fun grammar session and challenge reading this term and we are really hoping that this is going to help boost our writing. 

We have all loved writing our letters to Father Christmas and most Pods have done this in English and in Welsh!! WOW.

Our Christmas shows have been a massive hit and we have loved performing in them and watching what the other Pods have been up to.

Nadolig Llawen Pawb!




Final Monitoring 

  • Target: To raise standards of extended writing and recording across all AoLEs

We met several times this year and enjoyed looking through the EPIC books and the big blue writing books to monitor this target. We noticed that there was a big difference in the books in the Spring term compared to the Autumn Term. The children were beginning to present their work in really creative ways and the EPIC books looked great! We thought that some children illustrated their stories and writing really well but this is something that could be improved further across all pods. We think that illustrating stories is an important skill and helps make your work more interesting to read. We were also very impressed with how neat some of the younger children's work was and how quickly they learned to join their writing.


We haven't been able to promote the CAPER books as much as we would like so we will need to carry this on to next years targets. We are also very keen to carry on running our book club with younger children because Pod Pengwin used to love us coming to their class and we really enjoyed it too.


The Literacy Leaders met at the end of February to discuss the progress in their AoLE so far this year. They were very pleased of the progress made in this area,  and are particularly proud of their new role in reading to the younger children in Pod Pengwin each Wednesday afternoon. Some of our younger members of the Literacy Leaders asked if they can also be involved in this from now on which is great!


Their new target is to promote our CAPER programme in school - Children And Parents Enjoy Reading. We have a lovely box of books outside the school library from which the children can choose and change books whenever they like. The leaders have noticed that not many of our children are taking up this opportunity. To address this they are going to make some leaflets and are planning a special assembly. Well done Literacy Leaders - you are doing a great job!!

Our "Literacy Leaders" love to share books with younger pupils.

Literacy Leader Update 17.1.20

We met before Christmas and discussed the things we could do to improve literacy in our school. We love sharing books with the younger children and decided that we would start coming down to Pod Pengwin once a week to share suitable books with a small group of children. So far this has worked very well. We go down to Pod Pengwin every Wednesday and do our best to encourage the little ones to love reading! We did have a little trouble getting the new afternoon nursery to sit down to listen to a story this week so we decided to get them to sing some songs instead!

Emily, Tallula and Mason

AoLE LLC (English – Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing).


Open to all pupils in year 2,3,4,5,6 


Job Description

  • To evaluate how well Llanrhidian develops the knowledge and skills of English language
  • To evaluate  how Llanrhidian provides meaningful experiences throughout the school in terms of English
  • To help monitor the AoLE
  • To suggest ways in which the school can improve this AoLE
  • To work with Mrs Jones to plan for improvements