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Our missions this year:

Further develop strategies for calculation using mental and written methods.

Consider implementation and design of the CfW. Develop a cluster approach to maths and numeracy developing cluster agreed domains and threads.

Pupil Voice Meeting held: 28.02.23

Discussed the following:

1. Pupils were all able to find DINs in their books. Most children could remember what it stood for. All children understood what they were for and that they linked to progress.

2. A few children have evidence of HOTs in their books from across Pysgodyn and Pry Cop. Children were able to explain what a HOT is, but were unsure of what it stood for.

Target for next meeting:

Check books for more HOTs to be included

SAILs to be used for second attempts at answers

Email staff to let them know numeracy feedback targets


Pupil Voice Meeting Held: 31.01.23

Discussed the following:

1. School website. New plan for meetings on the last Tuesday of every month.

2. Class books - Reviewed and discussed skills that have been learnt and the favourite parts of numeracy so far this year. 

Top areas that came out were: Dividing, fractions and  subtraction.

Talked about placemats and their use in the Pods. All Pods have been using placemats.

Marking labels are consistent and being used across all the Pods using the new LUA model. 

Chilli challenges are being used in Pysgodyn and Pry Cop. Pengwin are not currently using them.


Target for next meeting:

Look at each others work, DINS, HOTS etc.






Pupil Voice Meeting held: 17.10.22

Discussed the following:

1. School website

2. School numeracy targets

3. Ideas for curriculum design day to gather feedback - record ideas from stakeholders on chromebooks, option for them to record their ideas too, post-its for A3 sheet to collect responses.

4. Ideas for curriculum design day and what to have available for those visiting - Maths placemats from different Pods, maths resources (calculators, bead bars, Numicon etc), chromebooks for TTRS, Numbots, Pod pages, Hit the Button etc. Finally, a mixture of maths questions for parent challenges.

5. How to monitor our targets and how to record results