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Welcome to the Pupil Voice group for the Number Nerds.

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End of Year Monitoring Update:


Our target: S1 Raise standards of progress in numeracy.

The Number Nerds and Mr Dowsett conducted monitoring in the Autumn and Spring terms. Here is a summary of our findings:


The Number Nerds and Mr Dowsett have had a productive year and have monitored and reflected on the progress of several targets.

  • We identified that books across the school show good use of marking labels, which reflect the maths being covered.
  • We believe there is a clear growth mindset message across all Pods and all agree that making mistakes is part of the journey in our learning. 
  • As the year progressed the we could see an increase in evidence in the books of the younger Pods. We also saw how Twitter #LlanNum for younger Pods is effectively used by staff to evidence the skills being used. 
  • We still feel there needs to be an increase in the amount of numeracy being evidenced through IQ challenges and EPIC books. We felt that as the year progressed there was more evidence in younger Pods, but more needs to be evidenced in the older Pods to show more progress. This target will therefore remain in place next year. 
  • We found that reasoning evidence in books is also increasing through the school after initially setting this as a target. #LlanNum is being well used for evidence of this too.
  • We identified and discussed that the reasoning activities are also being linked to topic work or EPIC boards in the workshops.

AoLE Mathematics and Numeracy


Open to all pupils in year 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 


Job Description:

  • To evaluate how well Llanrhidian develops the knowledge and skills of Maths and Numeracy
  • To evaluate how Llanrhidian provides meaningful experiences throughout the school in terms of Maths and Numeracy
  • To suggest ways in which the school can improve this AoLE
  • To help monitor the AoLE
  • To work with Mr Dowsett to plan for improvements