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Our missions this year:

Further develop strategies for reasoning using mental and written methods.

Consider implementation and design of the CfW.


Pupil Voice End of Year Evaluation: 18.07.23

Evaluated the following:

1. Reasoning has been identified by pupils through their monitoring this year as an area that needs development. This is now a part of the SDP for 2023-2024.

2. Numeracy in IQ books needs to be monitored to ensure there are consistent opportunities for pupils to use their numeracy in IQ sessions, not just maths Spotlight sessions.

Targets for next year:

1. Further develop a progressive range of strategies to support pupil resilience in mathematical reasoning

A range of monitoring activities has identified that too many pupils “give up” when faced with challenging numeracy problems.   

These pupils are unable to break down the problem into manageable parts.  This was also identified as an area for development from the personalised assessments.

NP1 (Taken from the SDP)

2. Monitor numeracy in IQ books

3. Email staff to let them know numeracy feedback targets