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Home Quests 29th June

This week we are carrying on with our animal superhero theme. Sid the Dog has been getting himself into a bit of trouble this week! You can watch the videos below to see what he's been up to!


This week school has re-opened therefore we have changed some of our home learning activities to "Expected Activities" and some will remain "Suggested Activities". Please spend some time each day completing the "Expected Activities" and in addition, choose the "Suggested Activities" which you and your child will enjoy the most.

Expected Activities.

1. Maths

Can you take part in Digit Dog's 2 Metre challenge? Watch the video to find out more. Let us know how you get on.

Digit Dog's 2 Metre Challenge Featuring Sid and Fflac

Still image for this video

2. Reading

Please spend some time on Reading Eggs every day. We will also be using this when the children come into school.

3. Handwriting

This week Mrs Jones and Sid the Dog practise S.

4. Y1 Spelling

Please spend 5 to 10 minutes a day learning your spelling. Get mum or dad to test you on a Friday.

1. was


4. she

5. with

Suggested Activities

1. Science and Technology.

Miss Blackmore designs a superhero costume for Sid the dog.

Design a costume for your super pet

Still image for this video

2. What would your fantasy Superpower be?

Watch these special videos to help you decide what your superpower would be.

Super Sid's Super Powers

Still image for this video

3. Super story writing.

Watch the video to watch Super Sid's latest adventure. Your challenge is to write a story about your super toy or pet.


4. Expressive Arts 

Mrs Blackmore shows us how to create a pet picture using collage

Pet Collage With Mrs Blackmore

Still image for this video
5. Yoga with Mrs Joseph

Yoga with Mrs Joseph

Still image for this video