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Suggested Activities 11.5.20

Last week you sent some fantastic questions in for Nurse Wendy. I chose some of your questions to ask her. You can watch the video below.

Interview with Nurse Wendy

Still image for this video

This week we are going to learn about our superhero bodies and how we change over time.


1. Guess who??

Here are some photos of the teachers and staff in Pili-Pala and Pengwin when they were little. Can you guess who is who?

2. Humanities

Can you make a time line to show how you have changed over time? You could draw yourself at different ages or use photos. Can you discuss with your family how you have changed as you have got older? Y1 might like to write a short sentence to go with the pictures.

3. Music and Dance

Can you sing and dance along to the skeleton song?

The Skeleton Dance

4. Skeleton Art.

Can you make a skeleton? Mrs Blackmore made the one below using little pebbles but you could choose anything you can find e.g. sticks, stones, straws or cotton wool buds.

5. Science and Technology

Can you make a skeleton hand? Can you make some walking feet? Watch Miss Blackmore's creative videos to inspire you.


Human Body for Kids/Hand Song/

6. Maths

Addition and Subtraction. You can choose a game from either folder. The green chillis are a little easier than the orange.

7. Reading


8. Phonics

You will need to sign in to play these games.

Username: march20
Password: home.

Parents - there are many suitable games and difficulty levels to choose from on this site. Please support your child to select an appropriate game and to monitor their progress.

Y1 Spelling.

Here is the spelling list for Y1. Can you learn your words and get mum or dad to test you on Friday.

1. what

2. there

3. out

4. but

5. of

9. Handwriting

Choose a letter from the pdf banner to practise every day

10. Sut wyt ti?

Listen & watch a film about feelings. 



Sut wyt ti? How are you?
Dw i'n drist iawn I am very sad.
Dw i'n wedi blino I am tired.
Dw i'n hapus I am happy.
Ffrindiau newydd New friends