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I wonder, what does diversity mean to you?

Beth wyt ti’n meddwl?

L.O: I can explore a range of ways in which identity is formed and some of the influences that impact upon diversity in society.


What do you already know about diversity?

1. Watch the BBC videos.

Summarise what you learnt on diversity from each video:


Green Chilli: 4 facts       

Orange Chilli: 6 Facts     

Red Chilli: 8 Facts

2. I wonder, now you have researched diversity, why do you think diversity is important in our school?

Use the word bank to help your sentences.

3. In your opinion, based on the knowledge you now have, why do you believe that diversity is important in society?

Think of new businesses, different kinds of tourism, jobs, new experiences etc. 

4. Design your own Super Citizen for Wales.

What will their super power be?

How will they help communities and diversity in Wales?


Look at the example below of Mrs C:

What is her mission?

What is her super power?

What will you magpie?

Super Citizens - Mrs C


ACEs – Create a short video or written introduction like a narrator for your Super Citizen.

What key messages do you need to get across?


Here is another Super Citizen video to magpie ideas from.