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Dreigiau Meetings

Dreigiau meeting's 2023-24

Dreigiau will be looking at the learning environment and signage around the school.


Dreigiau completed a learning walk and found that many pod displays have Welsh on them. However, very few outside spaces and corridor spaces have Welsh on them.  



Pod Pengwin - slot drillio every day before dinner. We do singing and read stories.

Pod Pysgodyn.

Before dinner, everyday we do slot drillio. Our pattern this week is Dw i'n gallu.

Pod Pry Cop - after lunch we do slot drillio and we play games. Sentence stealer & pass the  word on its a bit like 'Chinese whispers'

The dreigiau will ask if Welsh can be put in the school play - 'Joseph technicoloured coat'.

Pests completed a tally on who thinks it is important to speak Welsh outside of class. Half of the school said it was, half said it wasnt.



We held our first meeting today and the older Dreigiau got to meet the year 1 members. 

  • From last terms targets, the pupils wished to create their own booklet 'Gemau iard' for all pupils to use. This would improve the  Welsh used on the yards and the Dreigiau would help to teach the younger pupils the games. The Dreigiau began designing images to go on the cover or this booklet.
  • 15.10.23 - Dydd Shwmae. This year Shwmae day is on a Saturday so we will celebrate it as a school on Friday October 14th. We would like all pupils to come to school wearing a colour from the Welsh Flag Coch, melyn neu glas.                                              

Pupil Voice meeting 31.1.23


  • The Dreigiau have been meeting every Monday afternoon to plan our weekly Patrwm yr Wythnos. We then record it and upload it to our Dreigiau page.
  • Slot drillio is going well in all Pod's and the children do this regularly.
  • All Pod's have Welsh writing in their books and this is also included in some IQ's.
  • There needs to be more Welsh Oracy in other parts of the school like the canteen and Caffi Cynefin.
  • All children said that there is not enough reading going on in pods. Pengwin & Pysgodyn pods use Fflic a Fflac books. Pry Cop would like to do more reading.
  • Dreigiau all enjoyed this monthly meeting and are looking forward to the next one where they will discuss St David's Day plans.


Pupil Voice meeting 28.02.23

Today we met to discuss the prizes that we are presenting on St David's Day.

We sorted the prizes as there are 3 competition categories.


  • Best handwriting.
  • Design a dragon
  • Heaviest Leek competition.


We then decided that the winners could come and choose the prize that they wanted from the prize bank on the stage.

We are looking forward to tomorrows celebrations.