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Croeso Pawb

We are looking forward to the new academic year and we are going to make it as fun as we can - 'Llawer o hwyl a sbri'.

We will be celebrating all that is Welsh and our first day of fun will be 'Shwmae Day'. This day will be celebrated on October 15th. Your class Dreigiau's will be asking you for ideas about how you would like to celebrate it. They have to be Covid Safe - Meddylwch.

Final monitoring for Welsh by the Dreigiau.

S3 Increase progress of Welsh across the school - Estyn Recommendation - 

We have all worked our socks off this year, spreading the love for the language of Welsh through lots of big events and through our regular daily activities. Dydd Miwsig Cymru and our Eisteddfod are events that the whole school enjoyed.

Our teachers have made our slot drillio's much more fun with new games and activities.

Our assemblies happen every week and more people are speaking the language so that they can get a lovely prize.


T2 Improve opportunities for authentic Welsh oracy and writing across the school  - Estyn Rec 2

We have tried hard to use Welsh across the school through playground games and Siop Ceirios. We were really looking forward to Cinio Cymraeg but Lockdown stopped us doing it. We will have to try it again when we are back in school.

Mrs Marchant says that we need to do more writing in Welsh.

We held our own Eisteddfod and everyone had a Welshcake.

Who had the heaviest leek?

Diolch yn fawr to everyone who came and bought books and food at our fair.

Dw i'n mywnhau Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant.

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant.

We are looking forward to our St David's Day celebrations that are taking place on Monday March 2nd. 

Why is the leek a symbol of Wales?

Ever wondered why the leek is a national symbol of Wales? Now you know. Visit



Pwy ydy Ennill?


Pod Pili-Pala - Hei Mistar Urdd.


Pod Pengwin - Hei Mistar Urdd


Pod Pysgodyn - Anifail - Candelas.


Pod Pry Cop - Blwyddyn 4 - Anifail - Candelas.

Dydd Miwsig Cymru 20 - Welsh Language music Day 2020

On Friday February 7 we will be celebrating Dydd Miwsig Cymru. All Pods will be listening to Welsh music this week and will choose their favourite song to share on their Pod page. Dw i'n hoffi Catatonia achos maen gret.

Amser Stori

Breaking News!!

We will be assessed for our Siarter Iaith Bronze award on Monday July 13th. We will be working extremely hard to raise standards in Welsh in our school.

Cofiwch - Please look after our dragons. Class mascots will be coming home to stay ar y penwythnos, bob wythnos (on the weekend every week).

The Role of the Dreigiau Llanrhidian is spread the love of Welsh throughout  the school and the wider community. We are working hard to raise standards in Welsh throughout our school. We are aiming for our Siarter Iiath Bronze Award. 

Dyma Dreigiau Llanrhidian

 Siop Ceirios.


The Siop will re-open to pupils on Monday January 13th.

The Siop will be open Monday - Thursday. We will be CLOSED on Friday.


Siop Rules.

All Dreigiau will take it in turns using the rota to open the siop.

Everything that is sold is recorded.

Add up all takings at the end of each lunchtime opening.



Dewch i chwarae gyda Dreigiau.

The Dreigiau have a selection of Welsh yard games that they can play with their friends at break and lunchtime.

Look for the red jackets !!

Shwmae Day

Still image for this video
Sawl un siarad shwmae whilst hula hooping
ysgrifennu shwmae yn yr yard
Beth wyt ti eisiau?
Dw i eisiau afal plis.
dydd shwmae hapus
Ble mae boldau?

Role of the Dreigiau


Open to all pupils in year R, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


Job Description

  • To go to regular meetings
  • To help pupils love their Welsh language
  • To lead fortnightly assemblies
  • To run Siop Ceirios
  • To visit Criw Cymraegs in other schools
  • To understand the Siarter Iath Bronze Award