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Tinker Time...

Around the room are some resources to make you wonder!



Curiosity is a strong desire to know or learn something!


You will have approximately 30 minutes on each activity:


1. Using the maths resources and links provided, research different angles.

What do you notice with the protractor?

What is the difference with acute, obtuse and reflex angles?

I wonder, can you draw the different types of angle accurately?

Measuring Angles

How to measure angles with a protractor

2. Use the Lego and mirrors.

Can you make a mirror maze?


3. Look at the equipment from Gowerton Comp.

What do you think it will help us do?

What do you notice about the different pieces?

L.O: I can demonstrate through practical investigations that light travels in straight lines and can be reflected by highly polished surfaces.


Hook: Let's get motivated to learn!




Authenticity - Why are we doing this?


Why is it so important that we keep developing our science and technology skills?



What do you already know about light and reflection?


Activate Prior Knowledge...

What do you know about light so far?



Knowledge - What do we need to know?


Now it's time to extend our knowledge and do some new research.


To support this you need to use Hwb Britannica. 

Questions to get you started have been chilli coloured below:

What are some natural sources of light?

What are some man made sources of light?

What are some properties of light?

How does light travel? (Light and sight)

What is reflection?

Application - Let's Get to Work!