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Tinker Time!!



Around the room are some resources for you to make you wonder! Cofiwch... 


Curiosity is a strong desire to know or learn something!


You will have 30 minutes on each activity!

1. Using the maths resources, create a shape on white paper. Draw it's shadow. What do you notice?


2. Make a puppet using the resources. Create a puppet show on the wall. What do you notice?



Look in the tuff tray... which do you think is correct? Why?

L.O: To predict and investigate how the position, shape and size of a shadow depend on the position of the object in relation to the light source.




What do you already know about shadows and light?

Let's activate our prior knowledge!



How is a shadow formed?

How does light travel?

Click the picture to find out more!

Use the words:


opaque and transparent

opaque, transparent and translucent in your explanation


Wyt ti wedi gorffen?

Where have you seen shadows in real life?

What are some natural sources of light?

What are some man made sources of light?


How much have you learnt today?

Click the picture to do a quiz!





Time to do the investigation!

 Time to look at our results!


I wonder, what do you know about line graphs?


Let's click the image to find out more!



Now let's have a go! Remember, we are plotting the AVERAGE, meaning you only need to look at these numbers. 


Time to make our final conclusions!



I found out that as the light got further away from the object, the shadow got_______. I think this happened because my research told me that________.


Time to complete out final reflections!




On reflection, what went well was the group work. I think this went well because... I also think we were very accurate because our results...


If I did this experiment again, I would change... I think this would make the experiment better and more accurate.