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Home Quests 06.07.20

This week our theme is "Sports Day!"

If you are in school, we will be holding some Sports Day events every day. If you are at home you can join in the fun too! Many of this week's activities have a sporty theme and will give you ideas of how you can have some sports day fun in your own home! 

Expected Activities

1. Maths Challenge.

Fflic and Sid are having a few problems playing skittles! Can you use your adding skills to solve this week's  Chilli Challenges?

2. Sports Day Challenge.

We have 4 super sports day challenges for you to do this week. Click the picture to watch our video.

Try your best and be a good sport!                     


3. Reading Eggs.

Please spend 15-20 minutes on Reading Eggs every day.

We will also be using this when the children come into school.             


4. Handwriting with Mrs Jones & Sid

This week Mrs Jones and Sid are practising the letter 'p'.


Handwriting with Mrs Jones and Sid - P

Still image for this video

5. Y1 Spelling

Please spend 5 to 10 minutes a day learning your words. Ask mum or dad to test you on a Friday.

1. our

2. of

3. but

4. what

5. there

Suggested Activities

1. What is your favourite sport ?

Can you write about your favourite sport and draw a picture of it. Can you tell us why you like this particular sport? Here are some videos of your teachers' favourite sports.

What is your favourite sport?

Still image for this video

2. Snail racing!

Miss Blackmore has her own Giant African Land snails who enjoy a good race. 

You can use snails that you find in your garden as long as you are gentle and release them back into the wild when you have finished.

The National Trust has some more information about how to snail race safely. Please click on the link below.

Can you organise your own snail race?

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3. Get Creative with Miss Blackmore


Make a game with Miss Blackmore

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4. Big Question

Fflic, Fflac and Sid need your help. They don't understand what it means to be a good sport and get themselves in a spot of trouble. What do we mean when we talk about good sportsmanship?

What does being a good sport mean?

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5. Welsh

Ymarfer Corff gyda Mrs Williams. Can you use the Welsh commands from the video to help your family to keep fit?


Ymarfer Corff gyda Mrs Williams

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