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Humanities #LlanHumGoals

Autumn 2020

This week #LlanHumGoals have met to discuss all things Humanities. 

We have decided to continue to support Matthew's House again this year. If you can, please help us support this great cause by donating any of the items on the list. Thanks to all those that have already donated!!

To help to bring funds into our school #LlanHumGoals have made it their mission to promote our Dragon Clothes drop-off bin - this is situated in the yard by Mrs. Whitehead's office. Did you know that the school will get £50 for every full clothes bin?

The members of #LlanHumGoals have informed Mrs Walters that there is a lot of Humanities based activities taking place during IQ, challenge reading, and choice and challenge. Da iawn!!

Have a great Autumn.


How to support Matthew's House.

Target 1
 Develop more opportunities for the development of RE skills across the school

We enjoyed having more RE especially assemblies from Open the Book. We also enjoyed taking part in learning about Matthew’s House a Christian organisation that collects and provides food and clothing for the homeless. We enjoyed a visit from Swansea Mosque who were making a collection for the underprivileged in Swansea. We enjoyed knowing more about Islam as the guests explained about Ramadan, Eid and the Muslim religion. Alongside Father Tim we had planned another Multicultural Week with guests from different religions and faiths. During IQ Time we have completed an RE IQ so we can work on our RE knowledge and skills.
Target 2 
To develop critical thinking skills in pupils across all AoLEs

 We really like using the HABER so we can work on our critical thinking skills. We have liked sharing our ideas and what we think. We have called these Big Questions. We have uploaded videos to the school website recording answers to the Big Questions. 
Target 3 
To Develop a consistent approach of daily worship

We really like Kinship time which is what we have decided to call daily worship. Some Pods do this time during the end of the day or sometime during the school day. We like having time to think, reflect on the Big Questions. 


#LlanHumGoals News

January 2020


This month #LlanHumGoals have met to discuss how we can continue to support Matthew's House. We have decided to launch the 'Warm and Cosy Bank'. 

We will be collecting items such as:

  • Sleeping Bags
  • Warm Clothing
  • Tarpaulin
  • Tinned soup                                                 
  • Tents (used but in good condition)
  • Tea bags/ Coffee/ Hot Chocolate
  • Tinned vegetables and fruit
  • Dried fruit
  • Treats e.g. chocolate, sweets and crisps

There will be posters available shortly, for more information.

#LlanHumGoals News!

Autumn 2019

This term we have been helping to promote Matthew's House.

Matthew's House and Matt's Cafe help to feed people in Swansea who cannot afford to buy food. 

We have successfully promoted our 'Festive Bank' to help encourage people to donate non-perishable food and toiletries. With your help we have donated over 20 bags of goodies!

This term we have also enjoyed regular meetings to discuss and promote SDG's and to look at the exciting work we have been doing in our EPIC books. 

Don't forget to look out for #LlanHumGoals on twitter for our latest news.laugh



Matthew's House

Malala introducing the The Worlds Largest Lesson HD

Uploaded by The Global Goals on 2016-09-14.

The World's Largest Lesson part 2 - with thanks to Sir Ken Robinson and Emma Watson

Sir Ken Robinson, Emma Watson and Aardman Animations invite children to get involved in the Global Goals for Sustainable Development by inventing, innovating...

World's Largest Lesson Part 3 - English

The World's Largest Lesson is back with a brand new theme and another fabulous animation from Aardman. Make sure you take part!

A Look at the Sustainable Development Goals

At Llanrhidian we are learning about Sustainable Development Goals. Familiarise yourself with the SDG's by watching this short video.

AoLE Humanities (geography, history, religious education, business studies and social studies).


Open to all pupils in year 2,3,4,5,6 


Job Description

  • To evaluate how well Llanrhidian develops the knowledge and skills of humanities
  • To evaluate  how Llanrhidian provides meaningful experiences throughout the school in terms of humanities
  • To help monitor the AoLE
  • To suggest ways in which the school can improve this AoLE
  • To work with Miss Walters to plan for improvements