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Kid President's Pep Talk to Teachers and Students!

I wonder, how can I allow my ‘True Colours’ to shine in Pod Pry Cop? Beth wyt ti'n meddwl?

L.O: To develop an understanding of how my attitudes and identity are shaped.


1. What are your top three ‘signature strengths’? How do you show these strengths in your everyday life?

All humans have 24 'signature strengths'. It is impossible not to have them but which ones are our strongest varies from person to person. Have a look at the 'super strengths' below:

Which do you think are your top three traits? 


How does knowing your top strengths help you to shine?

WAGOLL answer:

My top three traits are:

- Curiosity because I like to learn new things and always try my best.

- Humour because laughing makes me feel better and I like to make my friends smile.

- Appreciation of Beauty because I like to be outside and enjoy nature.

Humour helps me to shine because if I am feeling nervous about something I can use laughter to help me feel more comfortable. 


2. What does 'THINK' stand for? (HINT: The 'THINK' posters are in every room :)

What does each letter stand for?

Why is it important in school?

Why is it important online?

What should happen if you make a mistake and don't 'THINK'?

Sentence Starters:

THINK means:






I think it is important in school because...

3. Why is it important that everybody can 'ask for help'?

How can we all make sure people feel safe to 'ask for help'?

If everyone feels confident to 'ask for help' which children's right are we making sure is being met?

(Click the image to see your rights!)

What is ‘Restorative Practice’ and how does it help to make things better?

Identify two questions that should be asked during 'Restorative Practice'.

What does restorative practice aim to do?


Click the image to see our 'Restorative Practice' page.

Using your top ‘signature strengths’ from question 1, design a shield that represents you.


We are all different and that is something to celebrate!! Design a shield that shows us who YOU are.

Your shield can be any shape and can use the icons from question one or make up your own... time to get creative!

Cofia! The shield shows your STRENGTHS e.g., kindness, love, love of learning not your interests.