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Steel Pans


L.O: I can present my findings in a variety of ways, drawing conclusions and making judgements based on the evidence used.


I wonder, what is the history behind steel pans?

Beth wyt ti’n meddwl?

1. Summarise key facts from the evidence available and the BBC News video:

Green Chilli: 3 facts       

Orange Chilli: 5 Facts     

Red Chilli: 8 Facts 

2. I wonder, now you have researched the steel pan, why do you think they used old oil drums, dustbin lids and kitchen utensils to start with?



Based on the evidence available I think that they used oil drums and dustbin lids because...

3. In your opinion, based on the evidence you have gathered, why do you believe that steel pan music plays such an important part in Trinidadian cultural identity?



After completing my research, I believe that steel pan music is an important and historical part of the cultural identity of all citizens of Trinidad and Tobago because...

4. I wonder, what is Wales’ national instrument?

Research and explain the history behind it.

What was its journey to Wales?


ACES – Create a piece of music using boomwhackers.


Don't Worry Be Happy | Boomwhackers!