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I wonder, what can we learn from the Caffi Cynefin data?

Beth wyt ti’n meddwl?

1. Look at the Caffi Cyenfin Data from Autumn 2023. What story does it tell?

Look at the data and write...

 one fact about the Caffi

 two facts about the Caffi

 two facts about the Caffi and two things the data does NOT tell you

 two facts, two things it does not tell you and a column that you could add to the spreadsheet for extra information

2. What do the customers like about the Caffi and what do they think we could improve on?



You could draw a table to show your answers!


Are the improvements possible? How do we make sure it happens? Remember 57 people work in the Caffi... that is a lot of staff!!


3. Present some of the data in a graph.



 Create a block graph showing how many red, amber and green weather days we had in Autumn 2023

 Create a bar graph showing profit/loss for Autumn 2023 (use excel to do this)

 Create a bar graph showing profit/loss, donations and expenditures (use excel to do this)

Create a scatter graph showing how amount of customers impacts the donations received. (Use excel to do this). Is there a pattern?

Cofia! Label your axis and give your graph a title starting 'A graph to show...'


4. The current menu is in English. Can you design a bilingual menu including Welsh?

How should the bilingual menu be presented?

All English back to back with all Welsh or all one one page?



5. What trends and patterns does the spreadsheet show?


 Write out each of the statements and state if they are true or false:

1. When there are more customers, we receive more donations.

2. When the weather is sunny, we receive more donations. 

3. The highest donation was over £1000.


1. Is there a connection between how many customers we receive and how many donations we take? Explain your answer

2. Is there a connection between the weather and the donations receive. Explain your answer.

3. What was the highest donation received, why do you think it was so high? 


1. What is the range profit?

2. What is the mode of the fridge temperatures?

3. What is the mean of donations received?

4. What else do you notice about the data set? 




6. We recently received a 5-star hygiene rating! What does that mean? (Click the image for more information).

 Summarise 5 tips to good food hygiene

 Summarise 5 tips and explain the 3 things that environmental health officers look for when giving a rating

 Summarise 5 tips, explain what three things are looked for AND explain why the rating is important for business.