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I wonder, what were rations in WW2?

Beth wyt ti’n meddwl?

L.O: I can use appropriate methods to gather information related to enquiries and interpret the information obtained in the context of the enquiry question.



Rations in WW2?

Beth wyt ti’n meddwl?

1. What are ration books?

Green Chilli:

Summarise what a ration book was used for.  

A rationing book was used for... 

Orange Chilli:  

Summarise what a ration book was used for and how did rationing impact people's health.

Red Chilli:

Summarise what a ration book is used for, what sort of things were rationed in WW2 and how did this impact the public's health.

2. Can you research facts about rationing?

Green Chilli:

Find 2 interesting facts about rationing.

Orange Chilli:

Find 4 different facts about rationing.

Red Chilli:

Find 5 different facts on rationing.

From those 5, which fact surprised you the most and explain why?

3. Read this recipe and change the ingredients units from imperial to metric measurements.  



Green Chilli:

Convert the ounces (oz) to grams (g) for the ingredients above. 

                                                1 oz = 28g 

Orange Chilli:  

Convert the ounces (oz) to grams (g) and the pints to millimetres (ml) for the ingredients above. 

                                                1oz = 28g                                1pint = 568ml 

Red Chilli:

Re-write the whole ingredients list above, because the cake needs to be 3x larger.

Cofia, remember to change the ounces (oz) to grams (g) and the pints to millimetres (ml)? 

                                                1oz = 28g                                1pint = 568ml 

4. How did people in WW2 ‘Make do and Mend’? 


Green Chilli:

Using the video from Q1, what did they suggest people do for ‘Make do and Mend’? 

The video suggests that the people who lived in WW2 would ‘Make do and Mend’... 


Orange Chilli:  

From the video in Q1, what did the video suggest people ‘Make do and Mend’?

What impact do you think this had on public during WW2? 


Red Chilli:

Summarise what ‘Make do and Mend’ in WW2 meant and how the public used it in their everyday lives. 

Create a ‘Make do and Mend’ poster? 



What is your opinion on ration books?

Cofia: Justify your answer.

Possible sentence starters:

  • I think that ration books were good/bad in WW2 because…
  • Personally, ration books should / should not have been used because…
  • I learnt that…
  • Ration books were useful/not useful in WW2 because…