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L:O: To understand other places and their traditions. 



Disneyland Paris...

Beth wyt ti'n meddwl?


1. What can you find out about Disneyland Paris?


Green Chilli: Give 3 facts on Disneyland Paris.


Orange Chilli: List 5 facts on Disneyland Paris.

At least one must include data.


Red Chilli: List 7 facts on Disneyland Paris.

At least one must include data.

At least one must be linked to the history of the park.


Here are some resources and videos to help your research:

Research Hyperlinks

Orange Chilli - Facts About Disneyland Paris!






2. Create your own numeracy questions based on the data available in the Pdf below.

You decide.

I wonder, will you use addition, subtraction, division or multiplication?

Cofia: You must also show your working out to prove what the answer is.

Pob lwc!


Green Chilli: Create 2 questions.

Use calories burned from walking from at least two of the attractions.


Orange Chilli: Create 3 questions.

Use calories burned from all attractions.

Use steps walked from all attractions. 


Red Chilli: Create 4 questions.

Use any data you wish from all attractions.

You must use at least 3 of the operations listed above.

Disneyland Paris Data

3. Create a database on the theme park's rollercoasters.

I wonder, what data could you include?



Green Chilli: Create a database with 3 field names.


Orange Chilli: Create a database with 4 field names.


Red Chilli: Create a database with 5 field names.

Top 10 Rides at Disneyland Paris

4. Think of the Welsh patterns you have practised.

How can you combine them to create a paragraph on visiting Disneyland Paris?

5. Recreate your own Disney castle for the centre of the park.

I wonder, what features will you include to personalise it?

Disneyland Castles


Analyse the data below.

Evaluate and justify which trip you would plan.


Green Chilli: For a couple going on holiday for the first time.


Orange Chilli: For a family of 4 going on holiday for the first time in 3 years because they have been saving up.


Red Chilli: For a group of 12 parents and their children.

Before their children go to Comp.


Cofia: Justify, explain and give reasons for the decisions you have made, along with showing the calculations and the financial costs involved. 

ACE Chilli Challenge