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Please visit literacy 2 to complete our literacy fortnight.

GRaSp - This week we will be focusing on the reading behaviour - summarising.

I wonder, can you summarise Mrs Caswell's blog?


1. Four adults needed to acompony the children on the trip.

2. He was conshus of the time.

3. Next year, Jane is turning fourty.

4. “My stomak is hurting,” the ill child moaned.

5. He needed to change his identety quickly.

6. The secratery answered the phone politely.

7. The quee was getting shorter.

8. Jack was determaned to get the job


1.How could Sarah perswad her mum to stay out later? 

2.The school trip was to an anshient temple.

3.Mohammad really wanted to win the compitishion.

4.Loki, the dog, hated thunder and litening.

5.There was a worrying sound coming from the vehcle.

6.It won’t be nesesary.

7.The tempracher in the classroom was increasing.

8.The lady next door was being a newsance.