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Literacy Monitoring 22-23

End of year update

This year LlanLit leaders have helped promote reading throughout our school. We have loved showing our skills with our Capten Darllen, reading to younger Pods.

This has promoted reading throughout our school.

Feedback from pupils has told us that they read much more now than earlier in the year.

Throughout this year, our reading data has improved in every Pod.

Summer term saw us hold our first Read to Relax week which included a second-hand book sale and a whole school pyjama day.


Targets for next year

Further develop writing through refining the progression of editing and re-drafting skills across the school.


Update from #LlanLit

January 2023

Our school Literacy team have met to discuss what has been going well in our Pods. We all loved looking at each other's books and have enjoyed looking at how busy we have all been.

This is what is going well:

All Pods have done story writing and this has been a particular favourite of our learners.

Pysgodyn have enjoyed writing poetry.

All Pods have been using our whole school topic to help inspire their writing.

This term, all Pods have used a novel to help support their writing.

Pry cop informed us that they believe that their marking labels benefit their progress within a lesson. 

Pry Cop enjoy their question matrix to help plan their Choice and Challenge.

All Pods have agreed that their feedback is differentiated between their writing and their reading.


What can be improved:

Spelling - Pry Cop would like more key words for their writing dotted around the room or board.

Pry Cop and Pysgodyn would like more up-to-date and traditional novels. 

Pry Cop would like more opportunity to read in class.

All Pods wold like magazines to read in class.

Pengwin would like to incorporate more Literacy into their IQ time and Choice and Challenge.

Pysgodyn would like to make a Literacy game in Choice and Challenge.



Literacy Monitoring


To improve spelling throughout the school ​

Further develop reading strategies to find information and/or ideas to support their independent work