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Meetings 2023-2024

Autumn Term 1

What went well?

We chose new light monitors, recycling bin monitors, food bin monitors and school ground litter pickers.

We all agreed that we need to save the school money by making sure that the lights are switched off, and plug points, when not in use.

We all agreed that we will do a whole school Eco assembly, to make pupils more aware of what we are doing and why?





Food bin monitors, need to be shown how to empty the food bins and how to keep them clean.


All Eco Pupils must make sure lights are switched off in their classrooms when not in use, even if the light monitors haven’t switched them off. 

To prepare for our Eco School Assembly.


What went well?

We all agreed that plastic pots should be cleaned before we put them in the recycling bins.

Gloves and food bags have been given to pupils who are responsible for cleaning the food bins on a Weekly basis.

We discussed what we will be saying in our assembly.



We all agreed that if there is rubbish on the ground to pick it up, if we are not sure to ask an adult.

We all agreed that we need to be more vigilant in switching light off in classrooms.

What went well?

The pupils acknowledged that some of the rubbish was put in the correct bins.

The food monitors had made sure food was put into the food bins.

Light monitors agreed that some of the lights were turned off when not in use.

The lollipop signs were made for the drop off zone to switch engines off.



The pupils all agreed that the teachers also need to switch the lights off when they are not in the classroom.

The food bin monitors need to empty the bins on a weekly basis.

The litter around the school grounds needs to be picked up and put into the correct recycling bins, if in doubt ask an adult.

The lollipop signs need to be finished in order to use them at the drop off zone.

We need to make sure that all pupils in the school are aware of why we are doing this and also take part, by doing this we will be holding an Eco assembly in the Spring.