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Monitoring 21-22

Literacy Monitoring 21-22

Summer 1 Update

2nd hand book sale

Thank you to everyone who donated 2nd hand books to our book sale.

We had a very successful sale which raised £169.80. The Literacy pupil voice group has decided that they would like to put this money towards new books for the Pods. As you are probably aware books are very expensive so this money will go a long way to helping Pods have more relevant up-to-date books in their Pod libraries. 

Spring 1 Update

1. Do you participate in reading activities in your Pod? What do you do? What do you enjoy? How can it be improved?

2. In your IQ activities and Choice and Challenge do you feel that you do enough Literacy? What areas of Literacy do you do most in IQ? How could this be improved?

3. Do you feel that you have enough time to illustrate your writing? Do you think you should be given a dedicated amount of time for this?

Pod Pry Cop

1. Yes, we do Challenge Reading every day except Friday. We do reading with Mrs Howells. I have moved up to Black Panther last term, we would like more Black Panther books to read. I really like independent reading during our Challenge Reading and GRaSp.

2. We do lots of Literacy and this week we have been focussing on Welsh. We answer lots of questions to do with the IQ. We do lots of descriptive writing. We do a lot of debates which are fun in Big Questions. 

3. Sometimes, we have time during IQ but sometimes we would like more time to illustrate our blue writing books. 

Pod Pysgodyn

1. Yes, we do lots of reading with Mrs Howells, Mrs Morgan and Mr G. We do GRaSp time and we also do challenge reading and Reading Eggs. In challenge reading we do independent reading.

2. We do lots of different types of writing in our IQs ' I wrote 4 pages for my St Dwynwen IQ. We have to read lots of information and summarise it. 

3. Yes, we have time at the end of our writing. If we are absent we don't get time to catch up with our pictures. Sometimes we illustrate our writing as we go along. 

Pod Pengwin

1. Yes, we read with our teachers and with our mummies at home. We do RWI and we are on yellow books and we like listening to stories at the end of the day.

2. Yes, we always do writing in our IQ book.  We don't really do any reading in our IQ activities but we do lots of talking. If we didn't speak nobody would know our name.

3. Yes, we did a Welsh poem last week and we drew pictures to match what we had written. 'I draw pictures of people'. 'I write about my Mummy and Daddy.'




Autumn Update

#LlanLitLeaders have had a very busy term monitoring all the learning that has been going on in our Pods! We are all very impressed with the different types of Literacy that we have been seeing. 

Pupils in PryCop have been enjoying a fun grammar session and challenge reading this term and we are really hoping that this is going to help boost our writing. 

We have all loved writing our letters to Father Christmas and most Pods have done this in English and in Welsh!! WOW.

Our Christmas shows have been a massive hit and we have loved performing in them and watching what the other Pods have been up to.

Nadolig Llawen Pawb!