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Monitoring 21-22

Our missions this year:

  • To develop the teaching and learning of physical fitness.  
  • To use more positive language in our classrooms through daily gratitude.
  • To develop a range of sports teams.
  • To develop more opportunities for Eco Education at a high standard across all Pods. 

The Pests have met each term to evaluate the school’s progress against targets.  They have looked at books, interviewed pupils and staff and produced videos on our website.   In addition the Health and Well-being Pupil group have evaluated progress against this target.  

Improving the wellbeing of pupils and staff during the Covid19 pandemic  - We will be finding out if everyone feels "happy, healthy and safe" in our school

  • Mental Health  - The pupil voice group think that we have done a lot this year to ensure everyone feels ‘happy, healthy and safe’. Pupils are enjoying the Amser Snac and Dydd Mercher Maeth. PEST have been making sure that staff have been revisiting self-regulation with all the pupils. Pupils enjoyed creating their one-page profile but believe we should revisit half way through the school year. All pupils from Year 1 up are part of a pupil voice group and enjoyed helping to make changes to the school. All pupils have taken part in RSE lessons and the older pupils have had workshops with Exchange around anxieties of transition.
  • Physical Health – A lot of pupils liked the new style PE lessons and that sports club had started again. The pupils believe that we can included a range of different clubs during the different terms. The pupils voice group have stated that the new PE lessons using Real PE are a range of different lessons that make sure everyone is included. The majority of pupils said we can improve outdoor learning in the summer term across the whole school.  Pupils rated it 8 out of 10 and last term it was rated as 4 out of ten. We would like more cluster games.


We think that we have met some of our targets this half term but we need a big push next term!

We have all enjoyed our new PE lessons and looking forward to them weekly. We have also enjoyed sports club restarting and PryCop are looking forward to cluster games in the summer term.  


What can we improve?

All Pods to share the zones and also share them with the parents.

Pod Pry Cop and Pysgodyn want to plan more health and well-being assemblies.

To plan the Big Llanrhidian Clean Up Week!

To create a wastage form for teachers. 


Meeting 03.02.2022

What is going well?

Pry Cop are happy that we get to do a lot more sport.

We are enjoying our spotlight PE.

We have established check-in routines.

We completed our Spring assembly. We are looking forward to our anti-bullying assembly.

Pod Pry are doing dance every week. 

Pod Pry Cop enjoy not going to the canteen anymore. They enjoy being able to eat with the sandwich children. 

Pod Pry Cop think they have lots of resources to complete their IQ. 

Pysgodyn think it's better having their lunch in their classroom with their friends.

Pengwin think PE is fun.
Pengwin enjoy Mrs William's Healthy Hat.
Pengwin have been looking for birds in the wild area.



What can we improve?
Pod Pry Cop and Pysgodyn want to do more healthy cooking.

Pod Pry Cop and Pysgodyn want to plan more health and well-being assemblies.

Pysgodyn want sports team in their Pod.

Pysgodyn would like an inside IQ area set up, with lots of different coloured paper. 

Pengwin want to look after more wildlife.

Miss Colwill to watch all our PE lessons. 


Meeting 10.12.2021

- Pry Cop are very excited about the new changes to Yr Ogof. They have placed an order with Mrs Joseph and Mrs Froom for some plants.

- Sports club is going well. The pupils agreed that we need to get ready for cluster games that hopefully can restart in March. 

- All pupils think their learning environments are bright and colourful. 

- All pupils are now having weekly outdoor lessons. Pysgodyn have started forest Friday.



Agreed Targets:

- We are going to do an assembly on positive language and manners.

- All pods prepare for team sports. It is important to understand healthy competition.

- Miss Weatherley to train some pupils in Pod Pry as Emotion coaches. 


Meeting 07.10.21

 Pupil voice targets:

  • More lunch time clubs.
  • To use the outdoors as a learning space.
  • Visit more places like Big Meadow Farm. 



Pupils voice say that they really like:

  • Netball at lunch time 'because there is enough players for 2 teams'.  
  • Sports club 'because lots of our friends are going'.
  • Pod Pengwin love Mrs William's Magical Healthy Hat.