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Meet The Health and Well-being Team!

A big THANK YOU! to Gower Bike Ride for sponsoring us this year and getting us brand new kits!

November 2020

Even through difficult and different times we managed to meet with Miss Colwill to discuss and review the anti-bullying policy. We still need to make sure that we keep making progress even through challenging times.

September 2020


What a beautiful afternoon it was to meet outside for our 1st WB Squad meeting. 

We discussed the reasons why health and well-being is so important for us all right now. We all agreed that we have received the lizard brain lesson from our teachers.


Miss Colwill told us she is writing a letter to parents about supporting us in school with making healthy choices. 

We said she needs to include:

- To bring in your own water bottle.

- To bring in fruit for R&R.

Miss Colwill will be sending the letter out this week. Keep a look out in your inbox!


Miss Colwill will be sending us the anti-bullying policy and has asked us to come to the next meeting with some notes about it ready to review as a group. 

We will be back before the end of the half term with another update! 

Exciting news! 

We are back!

We are super excited to be back! We can't wait to help Miss Colwill monitor Health and Well-being this year. 

We have 3 new headline targets. 

1. Continuing to embed the Mentally Healthy School Model. We will need to check if the teachers have been re-trained on this and using it.

2. To have more detail check-ins. We need to be checking in more than once a day, especially now we have returned to school after some time off. 

3. Review and align our existing anti-bullying policy.


Our next steps as a group is to look and discuss our targets for the year. We will be back soon with an update!

What our final monitoring told us about Health and Well-being 2019 - 2020 targets.....


Target 1 - Further develop outdoor learning under the Health and Well-being AoLe.

We feel that we have had more outdoor lessons this year. When we looked on Twitter with Miss Colwill we saw a lot more outdoor lessons happening in all pods. 


Target 2 - Develop a consistent approach to RSE across the cluster.

In our meetings, Miss Colwill told us that she has being going to meet with other schools to work on this. In the Spring term we all had a lesson from our teachers. On our school website you can find an information leaflet that has been sent to all the families in our cluster.


Target 3 - Develop a cluster approach to being a mentally Healthy School.

We have all had training on the 'lizard brain' and we know what to do if we get into the red zone. How do you know what to do? We know what to do because we have the the what zone am I in poster. 

We asked Miss Colwill if she could ask the teachers to revisit the 'lizard brain' talk at the start of each term. We know that this happened in all pods at the beginning of the spring term.  



Today was monitoring day! We looked at all the pods EPIC books and Pod Pry Cop collaboration books. We were pleased to see lots of lessons being planned against the Health and Well-being AoLE.  


Feedback from all pupils say that they have been enjoying the new lunchtime routines and think it's developing a positive lunch time behaviour. They love knitting and games club! We are also happy to hear that all pods have now had their first RSE lesson. 


We love engaging with different people from the community. Pod Pry Cop were pleased that the vet Mr Franklin came into school to discuss his job role. If you can help in anyway, please contact the school.


We have let our teachers know our next targets!

 -  Big questions to relate around mental health.

 -  All pods to re-visit ''Tell, Tell, Tell''.

 - WB Squad to do an assembly to reinforce ''Tell, Tell, Tell'. 

 - We are hoping that in Summer Term the weather will be better for more outdoor learning opportunities. 


We are looking forward to monitoring next term!! 




We want to say a big THANK YOU to those who have helped develop our outdoor area. 


Today, we met with Miss Colwill to review relax and refuel. We have decided that in both yards we need to have different zones. Soon we will be sharing this with the rest of the school. 




If you have any ideas or recommendations for us on how we can improve this year's well-being day please let us know in the comment section below. We have also set a date which is in the school calendar - Friday 15th May 2020.


We have had a very busy start to 2020 and look forward to next half term when we help Miss Colwill monitor Health and Well-being across the school. 


The senior members of the WB Squad have met this morning to discuss the current situation at relax and refuel time. We have collected ideas from around the school and we looking for your help. 

If you have any of these unwanted items, we would appreciate them in school to help develop our relax and refuel time. 

- Barbie doll clothes.

-Board games.



-Pieces of wood to create ramps for the cars. 

-Plastic containers to store our equipment.

We are looking forward to our next meeting. We will be discussing outdoor learning and eco-education. 

We will also be reviewing relax and refuel time.

Well-being Squad Blog December 2019

We have had an exciting term and made a great start to improving health and well-being across the school. We decided that we needed to improve lunchtimes and this has started to happen, we now have lots of different resources in our outside sheds to use during lunchtimes. We are often looking for more resources, so if you have any unwanted toys, please let Miss Colwill know. 

Next year we are looking forward to helping Miss Colwill collect evidence for our Healthy Schools award.





Well-being day 2020

If you have any ideas or recommendations for us on how we can improve this year well-being day please let us know in the comment section below. Diolch yn fawr Miss Colwill and WB Squad

Well-being Squad


Open to all pupils in year 3,4,5,6 


Job Description

  • To go to regular meetings with Mrs Froom
  • To help pupils understand the anti-bullying policy
  • To support pupils with worries
  • To carry out questionnaires eg My Selfie
  • To look at school well-being data and suggest how we can help our pupils
  • To evaluate how well Llanrhidian develops the knowledge and skills of health & well-being
  • To evaluate  how Llanrhidian provides meaningful experiences throughout the school in terms of health and well-being
  • To help monitor the AoLE
  • To suggest ways in which the school can improve this AoLE
  • To work with Miss Colwill to plan for improvements