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Monitoring 22-23

Our missions this year:

  • Develop a wider range of additional clubs and activities to better reflect the four purposes (SDP).​
  • To have a Swansea/Cluster approach to RSE aligned with the new RSE code.
  • Consider implementation and design of the CfW. Develop a cluster approach to health and wellbeing developing cluster agreed domains and threads.


End of year comments.

Our target this term for health and well-being was:  Improving Opportunities for Play 

What do we think?

Before this year Pod Pry Cop did not have the equipment that we do now. Since Autumn we have had big polydron, marble run, stepping stones and mini skateboards. These gave us a focus on playing together and having more fun. Our teachers taught us some cool new games too which helped us to get along. We agreed a timetable for the equipment and the sports ambassadors helped to get these out. When the marquee was up we had daily sensory circuits which was fun and kept us fit. When the marquee came down, we shared the equipment across the school to use. Now it is dryer we can use the field more and we have timetabled the pitches. We have a wider range of equipment to use eg tennis, cricket and football. We think that the pupils generally get on much better. There are less quarrels, less injuries and we are having more fun. The amser tost and the music outside has made a big difference to our moods, and everyone feels included. The Wednesday Welsh music is fun! We think all these opportunities should continue next year.


Targets for next year have come from our questionnaire. More pupils want to be involved in community sports games. 


Meeting 1


This term we are going to be reflection and evaluating our pupil voice targets. We are also going to be collecting pupil's thoughts about reset + reflect and our new pupil voice system. 


Pod Pysgodyn + Pry Cop also have a pupil voice questionnaire to complete for Emotional and Mental well-being. We will look at some results in our next meeting. 


Meeting 3


- To share anti-bullying policy.  This term we collected pupils opinions about the new anti-bullying policy for pupils. They said 'It is good because it helps people change' 'It is very good' 'It might help people' 'I like knowing the difference between rude, mean and bullying' 'I think we need to share the new policy with out parents'.

- To plan planting day. Mrs Marchant and Miss Walters have planned a planting day in the first week of the summer term. Pod Pysgodyn have been busy preparing the areas for planting day. Pod Pry Cop would like a regular outdoor learning lesson.


Next term we are focusing on:

- Reset + Reflect. 

- Pupil Voice 'being leader'.

- Promote healthy eating


Meeting 2

We have now developed a new cool anti-bullying policy and will share this with the whole school. At our next meeting we will discuss any feedback.

Targets from the last meeting:

- To use the buddy area appropriately. This has improved and it is being used to help pupils self-regulate. Staff need to continue to encourage pupils to use it for restorative practise.

- Pry Cop's are going to check that all learning environments have 'What zone am I in?' poster. We completed an audit around the school to see where we needed the posters. We have put an order in and hoping to receive them soon. 

- Send out a parent video for self-regulation. Miss Colwill has created this video but still needs to send it in an email to parents.

- To send out healthy lunch box and water bottle video to parents.  This is our continued target this term.



- to share anti-bullying policy.

- to plan planting day. 
- to promote healthy eating. 

Spring Term

Meeting 1

What is going well:

- PE  - it's regular and all Pods have the opportunity to use the sensory circuit. 'We get to move our body in different ways' 'It helps us get into the green zone'. We think that this is going to get better as they weather is getting hotter and dryer. 

- Clwb hwyl is going well because we have different choices for our activities.  

- Caffi Cynefin cooking club - Pod Pry are enjoying attending this club and preparing for caffi cynefin. 'We get to learn life skills' 'We develop our communication skills'

- Check-in - we have good check-in systems in our school. Older pupils check-in online. 

- We now have timetabled Pupil Voice meetings to help the teachers monitor. 


Targets for this term:

- To use the buddy area appropriately. 

- Pry Cop's are going to check that all learning environments have 'What zone am I in?' poster.

- Send out a parent video for self-regulation. 

- To send out healthy lunch box and water bottle video to parents. 


Autumn Term
What do you think is going well?


- We are learning to recognise what zone we are in.

- We are learning to help each other because we have all created a one-page profile. 

- We have new activities for Clwb Hwyl. However, we feel we need more team sports activities. 

- The team thinks that pengwin have lots of cooking opportunities but we feel there needs to be more opportunities for cooking in Pod Pysgodyn and Pry Cop.

- We are really enjoying our community links with Caffi Cynefin but we feel we need more healthy options for the community.